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            1. Polyethylene oxide

              Product features
              Product properties
              Product indicators
              This product is white granular powder, (apparent density: 0.2~0.3 (Kg/L); True density: 1.15~1.22 (Kg/L), it is a water-soluble and thermoplastic non-ionic linear polymer, and its aqueous solution shows non-Newtonian fluid state.
              With water retention, flocculation, thickening, lubrication, dispersion and other properties, and non-toxic and non-irritating, is an environmentally friendly material.

              PH value: 7-10
              Ash content: ≤2.5%
              Softening point: 65-67℃
              Decomposition temperature: 423-425℃
              Molecular weight: 5-8 million

              Scope of application


              Daily chemical industry

              Synergist, lubricant, foam stabilizer, antibacterial agent, etc
              Provide a different kind of smooth, soft feel, significantly improve the rheology of the product, improve dry and wet carding performance.
              In any surfactant system, it can improve the stability and preservation time of the foam, so that the product feels rich.
              The product is absorbed into the skin faster by reducing friction, and acts as an emollient and smoothing agent to provide an elegant, luxurious skin feel.

              Mining and oil extraction industries

              Flocculants, lubricants, etc
              In the oil production industry, the addition of PEO to drilling mud thickens and lubricates, improves mud quality, controls fluid loss at the wall interface, and prevents acid and biological erosion of the well wall. Prevents reservoir clogging and loss of valuable fluids, improves field production, and prevents injection fluids from penetrating into the reservoir.
              In the mining industry, it is used for ore washing and mineral flotation. When washing coal, low concentration PEO can quickly settle the suspended matter in coal, and the flocculation liquid can be recycled.
              In the metallurgical industry, the use of high molecular weight PEO solution can easily flocculate and separate clay substances such as kaolin and active clay, and in the process of purifying metals, the dissolved silica can be effectively removed with PEO.
              The complexation between PEO and the mineral surface helps to wet the mineral surface and improve its lubricity and fluidity.

              Textile industry

              Antistatic agent, adhesive, etc
              It can improve the coating effect of acrylic coating glue on fabric.
              By adding a small amount of polyoxyethylene resin to polyolefin, polyamide and polyester, the dyeability and antistatic properties of these fibers can be significantly improved by melt spinning.

              Adhesive industry

              Thickening agent, lubricant, etc
              It can increase the consistency of the adhesive and improve the adhesion of the product.

              Ink, paint, coatings industry

              Thickening agent, lubricant, etc
              Improve ink performance, improve color, uniformity;
              Improve the appearance of high and low uneven brightness grade of paints and coatings.

              Ceramic industry

              Lubricants, adhesives, etc
              It is conducive to the uniform mixing of clay, conducive to modeling, and will not dry crack and break up after moisture volatilization, which can greatly improve the output and quality of ceramic products.

              Solid state battery industry

              Electrolyte, binder, etc
              As an ionic conductive polymer electrolyte, by means of modified copolymerization or blending, the electrolyte film with higher porosity, lower resistance, higher tear strength, better acid-base resistance and good elasticity can be obtained. This kind of polymer electrolyte can be made into a strong and flexible film to improve the safety performance of the battery.

              Electronics industry

              Antistatic agent, lubricant, etc
              It has certain insulation performance, which can prevent capacitive coupling and current leakage between electronic components and the external environment, and can effectively prevent electronic components from being damaged by static electricity, and extend the service life and stability of the equipment.
              In the PCB manufacturing process, the accumulation of static charge may lead to circuit breaks or short circuits and other problems, seriously affecting the performance and reliability of electronic equipment. By coating a layer of PEO material on the PCB surface, the accumulation of static charge can be effectively prevented, and the stability and reliability of the circuit can be improved.

              Degradable resin industry

              Degradability, film formation, toughening agent, etc
              Polyoxyethylene film is widely used as packaging film for its water-soluble, degradable and green environmental protection, and is used in the packaging of agricultural products and toxic and harmful goods. Extrusion blow molding has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, wide selection of materials, low performance requirements for processed products, and is one of the most common processing methods for molding plastic films.
              Polyoxyethylene is an environmentally friendly material, the production of thin film, transparency, easy degradation, better than other toughening agents.

              Soil remediation industry

              Water retaining agent, controlled release agent, etc
              Bond many small soil particles to form large aggregates, with good water stability, prevent sudden erosion, reduce sudden water evaporation or excessive transpiration, save irrigation water, and promote healthy plant growth.

              Cellular/plate denitration catalyst industry

              Water retaining agent, plasticizer, binder, drag reducer, etc
              Reduce the intermolecular force of the material, improve the rheological properties of kneading mud, and have the effect of water retention and bonding. At the same time, the surface of the kneading material is smooth, which is conducive to extrusion and plays a role in reducing drag.

              Building materials industry

              Thickening agent, dispersant, etc
              It can improve the stability and resistance of mortar, and overcome the phenomenon of sagging or unity of mortar during construction.
              In dispersible emulsion powder, putty powder and a variety of building glues, it is quickly dissolved in cold water to produce the thickening effect of cotton thread.
              The formation of a mesh structure in the grout, without segregation, so that the cement slurry does not deposit, will increase the strength of the slurry, can replace the addition of traditional suspension agent.

              Gypsum industry

              Lubricant, synergistic agent and so on
              Used in gypsum mortar system, the enhancement effect is obvious. Because of its high dispersion, it can make the gypsum slurry more dense, and greatly improve the strength, anti-wear, surface finish and durability of the gypsum products after hardening.
              It can extend the opening time and operational time of gypsum products, improve the lubricity of gypsum body, reduce the stickiness, and improve work efficiency and labor productivity.

              Paper industry

              Dispersant, retention agent, etc
              Improve the strength and evenness of paper, reduce energy consumption, reduce the loss of fine fiber, improve the speed and increase the output of single machine.
              Non-ionic, does not affect the addition of other additives.

              Pharmaceutical industry

              Controlled release agent, lubricant, etc
              It is added to the thin coat and slow-release layer of the drug to make a controlled slow-release drug, thereby controlling the diffusion rate of the drug in the body and increasing the duration of the drug effect.
              Excellent water solubility and biological non-toxicity, specific drug functional materials can be added to make a high porosity, fully absorbable functional dressing; It has been successfully used in osmotic pump technology, hydrophilic matrix tablets, gastric retention forms, reverse extraction technology, and other drug delivery systems (such as transdermal technology and mucosal attachment technology) for sustained release.

              Fluorescent light industry

              Adhesives, reinforcing agents, etc
              The adhesive used for phosphor coating can make the layer uniform, the wall hanging effect is good, the light is good, the light decay is small, the adhesion is strong, does not fall off; In addition, peo will evaporate and disappear when the lamp is dried at high temperature, which does not affect the purity and efficacy of the phosphor.

              Water treatment industry

              Flocculant, dispersant, etc
              Through the adsorption of the active site with colloid and fine suspended matter, the particles are brided and joined into a flocculate to achieve the purpose of water purification and follow-up treatment.

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